Breastfeeding Memories {Flashback Friday}

My poor body hasn't had a break that past 4 years.
In September 2008 I fell pregnant with Charles, I then breastfed him for 18 months, in that time I suffered a chemical pregnancy and then fell pregnant with Harry. 19 months on I am still breastfeeding him, and at the moment it doesn't feel like we will be finishing anytime soon.

Pregnancy amazes me, every single part of it is just fascinating. And breastfeeding amazes me just as much.
The way our bodies produce milk. The way Harry knows I'm near, clearly by smelling my milk I guess.
Feeling your milk coming in is the weirdest feeling, and the squirting....oh the squirting!
Everything just amazes me.

I remember when Charles was 4 months old. We were just about to go on holiday to Centre Parcs and all of a sudden my body seemed to want to play hard to get. My milk wasn't coming in properly, and if it did then there wasn't a lot of it. This was quite a difference from the oversupply I had been so used to.
I started to panic and grabbed my cheap manual breast pump and tried to express. I didn't get much out and within no time my poor hands were aching.
I remembered hearing about an electric pump which almost every breastfeeding mum on a forum I visited used.
Crying to my husband one night he went online and bought me the pump. It came the day before our holiday so we packed it up and took it with us.
On  our first night their I took myself off to our bedroom, leaving my husband with Charles. The day had been long and feeding had again been a struggle so I sat on the bed, with my lovely Medela Swing electric pump, relaxed, read the instructions, and started pumping.
The pump worked wonders. I guess maybe our problems were caused by Charles just being lazy around that time and teething being a problem because I was able to express a lot of milk thanks to my Medela.
Around this time we attempted weaning Charles, just using baby rice.
I loved the fact that my Medela helped me to add my milk to his rice and meant that I didn't have to include formula or cows milk at any point.

Soon enough Charles was latching on better and by the end of our week away he was back to feeding normally again. I'll always thank my Medela for this.

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