First Passport Photo {Flashback Friday}

On Saturday night we booked a holiday abroad. If I could I would start packing already. The list in my head is almost finished:
  • Things to take
  • Things to buy there
  • What we'll eat
  • What we'll do
  • What we need to buy
First things first though....Harry's passport!
I went into a neighbouring town with him, to the same place I took Charles in 2010 when he ordered his first passport.
The man simply pulled down the white background, I placed Charles on the seat and the photographer simply ran through what he would do.
"He just needs to look at me, I'll take a photo like this *takes photo* and.....oh! I've got it!"
And he got the photo straight away.
I hoped Harry would be just as easy.

Harry fell asleep in the car, and remained asleep as I moved him into his pushchair. I shopped for a little bit and then had nothing else to do so pushed him into the photographers, just incase they told me that they were closed over lunch.
They were open so I woke Harry up, he sat on the chair, looked at the man.
The best thing about him being half asleep was that I didn't have to worry about him doing his over over the top cheesy grin whilst shouting CHEEEEESE through gritted teeth.

I then treated him to an iced donut.

I can't believe how different they look on these photos, they hardly look alike!

This week there is no theme to Flashback Friday, there is also no theme next week.
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