Harry at 19 Months

I meant to write a post last month, when Harry turned 18 months, but I completely forgot and on top of that I had a goal approaching just after he turned 18 months which seemed better to update on in this post then a seperate one midway through January.

Anyway. When Charles was 18 and a half months he stopped breastfeeding. He chose to do it, which was a relief to me in a way because I was pregnant with Harry and didn't want to be breastfeeding all the way through my pregnancy and then feeding them both! Also, due to being pregnant I was sore and my milk supply wasn't as good as it had always been.
I was happy that we made it to 18 and a half months.
I'd set goals all throughout with Charles, my last goal being 14 months and then I was happy with whatever happened after.
With Harry I set one main goal really, and that was to get to 18 and a half months.
I personally needed to be able to say I breastfed them both for the same amount of time, if not it didn't seem fair.
At 19 months he is still breastfeeding, and I can't see him stopping any time soon. He can go a long time between daytime feeds but still seems like a newborn at night!
I have no more goals now, and am happy to keep feeling until he is ready to stop.

His speech isn't as good as Charles' was at this age, BUT he is really starting to pick up on what we are saying and rather than having single words he tends to go straight onto sentences, for example.
"Where's it gone?" (This was one of the first things he ever said)
"Where's he/she gone?"
"What's in there?"
"Who's in there?"
He understands a lot of what we are saying and can communicate what he wants without being able to say it himself.

Sometimes I'm convinced that he is the boss when it comes to him and Charles. They sometimes play nicely, and at other times seem to really clash.
They are definitely best friends though and always look out for each other.
Harry loves to sing, and most of the time will just sing Charles' name to his own made up rhythm. It's adorable.
He loves to follow Charles around and if Charles takes a certain route somewhere, then Harry has to do it too. If Charles pretends to fall over, then so does Harry. Despite seeming the boss at times, he clearly looks up to his big brother.

His smile is huge. I'm pretty sure one day I am going to end up biting his cheeks off because they are just so cute and really stand out when his smile beams.

He really loves animals, and has an obsession with birds at the moment. When Charles was this age he was really into cars, trains, planes and so on whereas Harry seems to have very little interest in these.
They both love Dinosaurs though and it's lovely to see them playing dinosaurs together and roaring at each other.
Harry has taken to roaring at almost anyone and decided it would be a good idea to run up to the mums as we waited for Charles at preschool last week and roar, very loudly, at them all.

He has a real temper on him and if he doesn't get his own way will lay on the floor in tears.
I very rarely get time away from him, which isn't a bad thing of course, but sometimes it can be a bit much. He is obsessed with being around me and especially being held.
He's definitely a mummys boy although refuses to say mummy or mama!

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