I Heart....Ellie Goulding

Regular readers of my blog may have noticed that I have a slight obsession/addiction to Ellie Goulding at the moment. In fact it's been a while that I've liked her and listened to her first album but recently my obsession has been a lot more intense.
I want to write how her music makes me feel. But I can never find the words.
It hits me right in my heart, deep in my stomach and in my head. Buries itself in there, really deep.
I find myself in another world, taken along with the music, the words, her emotions.

Ellie's newest album has......again I can't find the words.
It's become a kind of therapy. A release. A comfort. A lift.
It's there no matter what and I know if I am happy I can switch the album on and it's there with me.
If I'm sad, I can switch it on and it's there with me.
It really helps with my anxiety and any low times I have.
The only problem is that every.single.time I hear the album it makes me cry. Every. Single. Time!
I just want to be in the middle of nowhere, so I can turn the music up loud, stand in the middle of a field and sing, sob, sing and sob some more.
The boys also love it and Charles can sing a long to a lot of the words. (which makes me very proud, he clearly has good taste!)

I was bullied in middle school because I liked, ok LOVED Hanson and also the Spice Girls. Since then I've been extremely sensitive when it comes to people being negative towards music I like. Especially Ellie Goulding because it means so much to me. So much.

I just found myself on the sofa singing one of her songs in my head and so I had to YouTube it so I could hear her voice.
I realised 3 minutes and 54 seconds later, that I had been laying with my eyes closed, almost hypnotised and in a trance due to her voice and the power of the song I was listening to.

To me she is amazing. I very rarely like this style of music, and I very rarely like female solo artists but she is completely different to everyone else.

I sometimes wonder if she realises how her music makes people feel. Or if it means anything to her that it can affect someone so much.

The last song here is Charles' favourite.

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