My Week That Was {6}

What an emotional, heartbreaking week it has been for so many of us.

Monday: My mum came round to look after Harry and I went to preschool with Charles for the morning. It was lovely seeing the new friendships he's formed since I last went along with him.
I played with a lot of the other children away from him too and it was lovely to feel needed and wanted.
We went home, popped to some shops then went back home for lunch then went to Ness Point (the most Eastily point in the UK) for a walk. Charles went on his bike and was so well behaved.

Tuesday: My mum came round again this morning to look after both boys whilst I went for a much needed haircut.
Charles went to preschool in the afternoon, Harry had a short nap whilst I caught up on the Real Housewives of New Jersey.
Then we collected Charles, dropped something off at my mums work and went back home.

Wednesday: Again, the boys played this morning. I had to put through a grocery order and answer a few emails, in between being a dinosaur, Gruffalo and being blown around the lounge by the wind.
Charles went to preschool and I went to therapy which was particularly lovely and helpful this week.

Thursday: Super busy day today! My mum came round to look after Harry whilst I took Charles to the doctors.
Once we got home I then had our Sainsburys Grocery order delivered. Then it was lunch and get changed time for the boys. Nightmare today as both just didn't want to change their clothes, or if they did they wanted to wear them inside out/the wrong way round!
I got Charles to preschool in time and then went home for a quick lunch. I had to pop to a neighbours house to help her unfold her grandsons pushchair, then Harry and I went to Jo Jingles.
Once that had finished we went to Morrisons to buy some nappies then went to collect Charles from preschool.
Home! Phew!
My husband went out with a friend for the evening so I sat watching what I wanted on the television and blogged.

Friday: After the busy day yesterday I wanted to relax today. We played in the morning (surprise surprise)
Charles went to preschool and Harry had a little nap on me.
We collected Charles, went home and played.

Saturday: My husband left for work at 11:30 but we all cleaned in the morning, even the boys!
My mum came round after she had finished work and took the boys to her house so I could clean some more!
We tried to watch a film but both boys kept waking up.
In the end I decided to go to bed at 10.20...at 11.30 I was still awake because Harry wouldn't settle.

Sunday: We went out for breakfast then we're off to my mother in laws this afternoon for dinner.

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