My Week That Was {8}

This week has been half term. It started great and has ended with grumpy boys but all in all I've enjoyed spending the quality time with Charles and am proud of getting out of the house so much and doing things with him.
How was yours?

Monday: Charles had no preschool today due to half term and whereas normally I would be lazy and stay in I made a promise that we would go out. At 12 I took him to a doctors appointment and then we went to the supermarket to get vegetables for our roast dinner. Harry came with us to the doctors appointment and had clearly been watching very closely as when we got home he copied almost everything that the doctor had done. (checking Charles' ears and taking his temperature)
After an hour and a half-2 hours of asking them to put toys away and to get sorted the boys were finally ready to go out. We went to the seafront, taking Charles' bike so he could ride along the promenade. We stopped for doughnuts with chocolate sugar (yumfest in a bag!) and sat outside the hotel I got married in and looked out at sea.
We then went home, Harry napped and Charles helped me with dinner (he LOVES preparing vegetables, especially sprouts)
The boys went to bed at 8 tonight and after Eastenders we started to watch Horrible Bosses, which was hilarious but I was so tired I went to bed 45 minutes in)

Tuesday: Taking advantage of our zoo passes we headed there after lunch. We completed an Alphabet Adventure Challenge which was really fun.

Wednesday: We went to London to review a restaurant. We got home at around 6. Harry went straight to bed as he fell asleep in the car and Charles had some cereal then went to bed.
We sat up and watched half of the Brits before turning it off because we were fed up of saying 'WHO?!'

Thursday: Despite plans to go out and buy Charles a balloon or to head to the zoo we decided to stay in. I had a bad night with the boys so was rather tired and just exhausted after a busy few days.

Friday: My friend came over with her daughter for the day. We always have a laugh whenever we get together and end up spending 6 hours together and it only feeling like 2.
Charles loved playing with his friend although so far has been restless all evening.

Saturday: Plans to go to the zoo were changed because I couldn't be bothered in all honesty and the boys were in 'one of those moods'.
I ended up having an early-ish night because the boys have been getting me up a lot this week (I'm not complaining about that, Charles has only just become dry at night so I keep getting up to check on him, and Harry keeps needing his feeds)

Sunday: I was up three times in the night, but all were for Charles. Harry slept through!! This is the second time in 2 weeks that he has slept through, if only Charles had too then I would be feeling a lot more fresh this morning.
We are off to watch my husband drive an Aston Martin today as part of an Experience Day gift he was given at Christmas. Goodness knows what time we will be home.


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