Valentines Day 2013 {Flashback Friday}

I'm in a bit of a bad mood as I write this so it's not going to be as up beat and romantic as other bloggers Valentines posts (one deserving a mention is the beautiful one written by Lucy at Dear Beautiful)

I'll just Flashback to Wednesday night. We had our "date night" to celebrate Valentines Day, it was the only day we could get a babysitter plus we thought it best to avoid the mad rush on Valentines Day itself of those still so deeply in love and all soppy.

We walked from our house to the train station, quickly stopping off to have a drink on the way there. We got into Norwich at around 6:30 and despite our plans to walk into the city we ended up getting a taxi as it was SO cold.
We headed first to a pub called the Belgian Monk. We visited here for the first time back in September, I was driving that day so stuck to soft drinks but this time we were going to enjoy a drink or two together.
The drinks available are so hard to choose from so whilst I popped to the toilet my husband ordered for me.
The beer/ale(?) of choice was lovely but as we were hungry we hurried these and moved on to Yo Sushi.
The walk was cold, and I was feeling slightly wobbly with just two beers consumed.
Thankfully Yo Sushi had tables to spare and we sat at the booth and immediately helped ourselves to the many dishes passing us on the conveyor belt.

By the 9 o clock last call for orders we were done. We have big appetites and due to the small meals it did take us a while, and a few plates, to feel full.
With the night still young we headed back to the Belgian Monk. Although as we left it was snowing, and although it wasn't settling it was quite heavy. It had an almost romantic feel to it, which is funny coming from me as I hate the snow normally.
We had a beer that my husband had when he visited in September, it wasn't as good as the beer we had earlier on in the night but it was still nice.
We talked about a lot of things and then had to leave to get a taxi back to the train station.

As we got off the train back home we walked up to the bar we first stopped at and grabbed a double whiskey and double baileys. (although it was a very small double!) With it being so cold we got a taxi home and......once in we ordered a cheeseburger! Blame the Belgian Beer.

I of course had a night of 2 wake ups from Harry and was up with Charles at 7, my husband got a lie in until 9am and was only woken up by me because we had run out of nappies.
When I came home from the supermarket I walked in and noticed Charles has bright red lips. I thought he'd eaten some frozen fruit from the freezer until I then saw Harry....covered in red lipstick marks. It was so adorable, and surprisingly enough, my lipstick wasn't ruined!

(That's not a spot on my cheek, it's a massive chunk in my cheek which Harry sliced off with his nail when he jumped on me for a cuddle! Ouch! My chin is not oddly distorted in real life either, goodness know's why my phones camera decided to do that to it!)

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