BakingMad: Mothers Day Carrot Cupcakes

A couple of months ago I was introduced to BakingMad.Com, a baking website full of amazing recipes and tips.
I've made a few pf the recipes from the site, the Bonfire toffee is especially delicious.
I was asked to select from the Mothers Day recipes and remake anything from the page.

I've always wanted to make carrot cake, and now was a great excuse.
I ordered the ingredients and with my Mother in Law visiting I got to work making the cupcakes.
The recipe was so easy to follow, although the only change I would make in the future would be to make my icing in advance as I found it was easier to use once it had been refrigerated. You can see from the photos below that icing isn't my strong point, although be kind, it was my first time making my own icing and using a piping bag.
Using sunflower oil instead of butter made the cupcakes light, fluffy and really moist.
The boys absolutely loved them, LOVED them. Harry spent the majority of today asking for more cupcakes, and demolished each and every one that was placed in a bowl for him.

My mum also came round and tried some and commented on how moist and light they were.
My mother in law is sitting in front of me as a write this and says to mention that she thinks they are really really delicious and come highly recommended.

The mixture made 30 cupcakes!!

With Mothers Day coming up this Sunday, Saturday should be spent having fun in the kitchen making some Mothers Day Cupcakes. A personal homemade touch which is sure to make any mum or nan extremely happy.
I was sent a gift set in exchange for this review. All photos and words are my own.
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