Boy's Summer Wardrobe Checklist

Not only do I need to start thinking about updating my own wardrobe for the summer, I also have two growing boys to think about.
I thought having a second boy would be easy when it came to clothes due to the fact he would just be handed down his big brothers clothes. And with Harry being born in the Summer, the same as his brother, surely the clothes would fit around the same time (summer clothes fitting in summer, winter clothes fitting in winter etc)
Ideally this would have happened, but with Harry being chunkier than Charles was (and maybe taller) all of the clothes ready to be passed down don't fit!

So instead we get to invest in new clothes for them.
As with my wardrobe, I like to get things that the boys could get a lot of use out of. In 2010 I bought Charles some lovely shorts, they were far too long and as a result he's been able to wear them every year since, he may even get to wear them again this year.

Neautral tshirts are always great because they can be worn in the winter with a long sleeve top underneath or a cardigan over the top.
I always get tops a size too big for the boys. I think boys can get away with wearing clothes that are over-sized, without it looking scruffy or like the clothes don't really fit.
Also there isn't normally a big difference between a size 3-4years and a 4-5years for example, so it makes sense to invest in the bigger size so it will last a little bit longer.

Cardigans. Nice thick ones and a couple of thinner ones. I much prefer cardigans and zip up tops for the boys than jumpers due to the ease of getting them on and off. Again, these are an investment because they are not just suitable for a particular season.

In my opinion children can never have too many pairs of jeans! I used to get frustrated due to the amount of choice girls have (jeans, skirts, shorts, leggings) compared to boys but then I discovered coloured jeans and chinos!

Shoes and boots. Like women, children can never have too many shoes, especially living in the UK where the weather is so unpredictable. One day you are dressing your child in a tshirt, shorts, and Converse and covering them in a layers of sun lotion, and the next day you are in need of jeans, jumpers, winter coats and a pair of Hunter Wellies.

I'm not going to let our silly unpredictable weather beat me and will ensure that my boys are dressed appropriately and stylish whether it's raining or the sun is shining!

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