Covehithe {Flashback Friday}

When Charles was born we would regularly go out around the coast on the weekends.
One of these places was Covehithe. We went a couple of times, discovering the church and nearby ruins as well as taking in the beautiful coastline and horizon.
These photos were taken in April 2010. We had been to a church service for an Easter service in the morning and then went for a walk in the afternoon.
Charles was cold and tired and as there were no benches around I sat on the outside of a huge field overlooking the sea and fed him.
I found these photos on Flickr and put a note on there saying "this is one of the best public feeds we ever did".
I have used some of these photos in other posts before but it seems I have never posted about Covehithe. Although it is only small and there isn't a huge amount to do it is worth a visit just to see where the road goes off the cliff!

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