Family Bowling {Flashback Friday}

On Sunday we didn't celebrate Mothers Day. It was a much more important day in our house. It was my husbands birthday.
We planned to go out for a meal and originally said we would have liked to go for a walk to our favourite place.Well, the weather had different ideas and it ended up snowing. So we went for our plan B, which was to go bowling.

The last time we went bowling was last year, for Charles' 3rd birthday. Harry was only 11 months old so he didn't have a go, but this time we thought he was old enough to get involved.
We booked our game at 2 but got there early so we had a drink and then started our game. Charles went first, then Harry, me and finally my husband.
The boys obviously had the bumpers up. Harry used the ramp thing to push the bowling ball down and Charles would be super strong and pick up his orange bowling ball, carrying it to the line and then would either use the ramp, or put the ball on the floor and kick it towards the skittles.
My first go obviously set the mark for the whole game.
I got a strike.
I was smug.

My smugness came back to bite me on the bottom.
As I ended up coming last. And just generally being rubbish.

And who came first......Harry! We couldn't believe it.
Charles came second and my husband came third.
Charles wasn't happy that I was 4th because "I want to be 4". He seemed to be rather confused that it wasn't his birthday too.

We had a lot of fun and despite thinking one game was enough, we were surprised at how quickly it was over!
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