Investing in a Summer Wardrobe

After two pregnancies it’s fair to say my body shape has changed. Bigger here, wider there, with lumps and bumps and odd bits everywhere.
Dressing for my shape is more important than ever before. Trying to hide and cover those areas I’m not so keen on, and paying particular attention to areas I am keen on.
Empire line dresses, skater style dresses, with thick tights or leggings in the winter are essential. Team these with big cardigans and scarves and this tends to be my style.

Of course this is fine in the winter, but come summer I have a problem. I love wearing my dresses, but wearing dresses isn't always practical with two boys to run after and play rough and tumble with.

I need to get a move on in sorting my body out. Losing weight, toning up those not so toned areas, especially doing so in time for summer. 

As comfortable as it is to wear leggings and summer dresses it would be nice to be able to wear something else. 
Something which can cope with sand a little more, and cope with last minute paddles in the sea.  I made the mistake of wearing leggings into the sea last year. 
Have you ever tried ripping soaking wet leggings from your legs before? 
You should try it.

So this summer I will invest in a new wardrobe. Something practical for running after two boys, something practical for playing in the sand or for walks in the park and the woods.
My plan first and foremost is to make sure I feel comfortable, and look comfortable. That everything is practical and actually suits me.
I also think it's important to make investment purchases. Buying things that won't go out of fashion and can be worn next year too, or through all of the seasons.

My summer wardrobe shopping list includes: Vest tops, v neck t shirts, denim shorts, with pumps or flip flops.
Obviously with the addition of a lightweight cardigan or jacket because this is the UK after all!

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