More Than Freebies

Sometimes I wish more people understood blogging. Or in particular what my blog means to me.
One friend refers to it as "your blog" (said in a silly pathetic voice) and constantly asks "what have you got for free recently?"
I've heard a few people say "I'm going to set up a blog so I can get loads of free things"
Ok, I admit that reviewing items is a perk of blogging but it's not what it's about for me.
Reviewing isn't always as easy as people seem to think. You have to take time to write the post, research it in some cases, and photograph it, edit the photos, and so on.

I've had some fantastic opportunities in the two years I've been blogging. I appreciate every single thing that I am offered, sent and given, but would I say that it's all my blog is about? No.
If I wasn't offered things to review would I still blog? Of course.

My blog isn't about the freebies. They are an added extra.
My blog is therapy for me. A best friend in some ways because if I'm feeling a bit down I can run straight to it, write everything down, post and feel better.
I've made a lot of friends due to it too. Some I would even consider as being best friends, despite never meeting them or only meeting them once.
Is that weird? Maybe. But the friends I have made know me inside and out because they read my blog. They know there's more to it than freebies.
They read the personal posts, they offer advice or a virtual hug.
And I guess those who thing it is just about the freebies don't understand it, and probably don't want to, especially if they haven't looked at it properly in two years.
In fact it kind of offends me that friends don't want to understand this as it is a big part of my life.

Thankfully some people get it.
My therapist "got it" and said it was a really positive thing for me to have in my life.
My husband gets it.
My online friends get it.

And even better, my BritMums Sponsor Medela get it.
This tweet today made me smile and tear up.
I try hard to promote breastfeeding without being to 'Nazi' about it.
When they agreed to sponsor me to go to BritMums Live I was over the moon. I wanted to shout it out to everyone.
They were my dream sponsor.
To me, when they agreed to sponsor me the excitement was more than them just sending me to the conference, and more about the fact that I was good enough to work with them.

A main issue of mine, in my personal life, is not being good enough, not being accepted, and not being recognised for doing good things.

The following made me feel amazing and made my day.
This is why I blog.
Not for the freebies.
But for that lovely feeling of being good enough, being accepted and being recognised for doing good things.

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