Mothers Day Gift List 2013

I'm not normally fussed about Mothers Day. I hate the commericalness of it all.
The fact that the children are forced to say thank you to me for being their mummy, I'd rather them do this on a random day in the year, when they mean it and feel that I should be made a fuss of.
I also hate that this year Mothers Day falls on my husbands birthday.
His birthday comes first, and it always will do to me.
So Mothers Day is cancelled and rebooked for the following Sunday, because this year I feel that I do need to have a fuss made of me.
I have realised that I do a really good job with my boys. I do a lot for them, I could do better but I'm getting there.
I can't remember the last time I was able to sleep through the night without a disturbance from a boy, and I have done every single night wake up since 2009.

I'm all for gift lists.
I write birthday gift lists, Christmas gift lists and Mothers Day gift lists. Not that I expect lots of gifts on Mothers Day, just the one is fine.
These are the things I am lusting after right now.

Truffle Shuffle Labyrinth Worm Ello Hoodie
Tenerife Pearl Fresh Water Pearl and Silver Charm
Cath Kidston Cowboy Weekend Bag
Little Silver Touches Single Fingerprint Charm
Joules NAVHARE wellies
Blood Brothers tickets
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