My Mothers Day

Due to my husbands birthday being on the 10th of March I made the decision to postpone Mothers Day, his birthday was much more important to me and I didn't want it to be shared with what is essentially, just a commercial day.

On the morning of my Mothers Day I wasn't lucky enough to be treated to a lay in.
I was treated to breakfast at one of our favourite little restaurants/tea rooms/cafe and afterwards we went for a short walk around the park it is situated in.
I used to play in this park a lot when I was little so it was nice for the boys to walk around it too. It's a lot smaller than I remembered it to be!

The boys were both poorly at various times during the day so we dropped them off at my mums and continued with our plans of a carvery dinner, but just with my husband and me.

It was a lovely day, other than the boys being poorly of course, and just what I like. Not enough fuss but a couple of treats.

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