My Week That Was {10}

Monday: My brother is back for a week (yay!) and today booked a track day at Snetterton. You can basically take your own car or bike and ride it around the track. It was an all day thing and I went along to watch him and to take photos, along with my mum, Charles and Harry.
I wasn't expecting to enjoy it at all but I left with a huge smile on my face and felt very proud of my brother.

Tuesday: The morning was spent in its usual clock watching way. Charles had preschool in the afternoon. It was a gorgeous day so we walked to preschool and walked back. I didn't even need to wear a coat or cardigan.

Wednesday:  My mum came round this morning whilst I got on with some blogging and housework. I then dropped Charles at preschool and had therapy. My mother in law came over this afternoon so we walked to collect Charles, and surprised him with his bike.

Thursday: My mother in law got the bus home in the morning and then my brother came round. We took the boys to the local soft play place which they loved...and so did we.
After 4 years of going there I finally made it to the top level at the softplay, meaning I could go down the "orange slide". Being afraid of heights I'd never been able to do this before so I was rather proud of myself. 
We came back to my house for lunch and then went to my nans.

Friday:  My brother came round in the morning and drove Charles to school, waiting in the car with Harry whilst I took Charles in. He then, kindly, drove me into town so I could go to Vodafone and pick up my phone. 

Saturday: My husband let me have a lay in! Woooooh! He then went off to work and I spent most of the morning on the phone to Vodafone because the "lovely working perfectly" refurbished phone they gave me is in fact rubbish and not working!
The boys went to my mums around 3 o clock to give me some time to myself as I've been feeling a bit poorly.
It's now snowing as I write this. My brother is due to go home to Somerset tomorrow, on his motorbike...not good!
I was feeling really rubbish so went to bed early.

Sunday: My husbands birthday! Yay! Harry woke at 7am so I took him downstairs for cuddles, Charles woke just after and got himself dressed in speedy quick time and joined us downstairs for cuddles which was amazing. We put on Tangled (which we watch two or three times everyday at the moment!!) blew up some balloons and waited patiently for my husband to wake up.
He woke up at 8:45 so we opened presents, I had a bath then made him a special breakfast of bagels, cream cheese and salmon.
We then went bowling in Norwich and drove around for an hour as we hadn’t timed very well and then went to Zaks for his birthday meal.
Then it was home and a bath for our two mucky boys, Charles is the only one who has managed to have some cake (although a left over piece from yesterdays dinner rather than the official birthday cake)
I’ve had a migraine all day so I expect I’ll have an early night.

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