My Week That Was {11}

Monday: With a slight snowfall during the night my husband took Charles to school and collected him as we didn't want to risk my car on the roads. My mum came over for the morning and played with Harry so I could get on with housework and blogging.
My husband took me into town in the afternoon so I could, yet again, take my phone to the Vodafone shop.

Tuesday: Yuk. Tuesday was a tough day with the boys. I think they were both feeling tired and run down. Charles had the beginnings of a cold.
I was waiting to hear from Vodafone all day with an update on my phone.
I had to take Harry to the doctors in the morning. Charles had preschool in the afternoon.
I attended my first WI meeting.

Wednesday: I was on a high all day following the WI meeting.
I had my last therapy session today which I felt quite sad about but loved being able to tell her how well I'd done with the WI meeting.
I headed back down to the Vodafone shop to pick up my phone, only to find out, whilst there thankfully, that the issues still weren't sorted. I just let Harry walk there as I thought we would only be quick but after 40 minutes I was completely stressed. He had pulled my earrings out, pulled my hair, almost exposed my chest to everyone, managed to knock down two accessory arm things and ran around the shop making the staff laugh. I had to leave in a rush as I had to leave my phone there, again, and head to the other side of town to collect Charles from school and didn't think I'd make it!

Thursday:  Another trip into town to the Vodafone shop. This time to pick up my SIM as, surprise surprise, the phone isn't working and needs to be sent off.
I then took Harry to Jo Jingles in the afternoon, I think it's our last session next week and although Harry is enjoying it (I think) I will be glad when it's over.

Friday: Charles' turn to go to the doctors. He went to bed for a nap in the morning, which is totally unlike him! Thankfully my husband looked after Harry, and made me some lunch whilst we were gone.
I kept Charles home from preschool today, which was a good decision anyway as we were longer than I thought at the doctors and after waiting for our prescription and he would have been half an hour late to school.

Saturday: After an early morning wake up call, which is all I've had this week, Harry went for a nap mid morning. Whilst he napped I snuggled on the sofa with Charles and watched Labyrinth. We actually ended up watching it twice today as he fell in love with it. (proud mummy moment)
My mum came round in the afternoon and I was able to go and have a peaceful bath....peaceful until Charles then gatecrashed it at the end.

Sunday: With it being my husbands birthday last week today is my Mothers Day. I had busy night up and down with the boys, including a hot chocolate trip at 5:30 because Charles was cold.
My husband surprised me with breakfast out. We had mentioned last week about going out for breakfast but I chose to have a present instead.
We all had pancakes, except for Charles as he has lost his appetite, then went for a little walk.
I was allowed to choose where the boys would take me for dinner today so I chose a carvery. We've now decided to leave the boys at my mum and go without them as 1: they won't eat much anyway 2: It will be my treat to eat my dinner with no hands getting in the way and with no unnecessary toilet trips 3: It will be stress free.


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