My Week That Was {12}

This week has been a bit of a haze really with two over-tired poorly boys so I can't remember a huge amount of what happened!

Monday: Charles still seemed quite poorly so I kept him home from pre-school. Every now and then he would lay on the sofa and go to sleep for a little while, which is completely unlike him.

Tuesday: Charles seemed a bit better today so after a morning of watching Tangled I took him to pre-school and went into town to the Vodafone shop to pick up my replacement phone.

Wednesday: Again a morning of staying at home and then the pre-school run.

Thursday: I'd had enough of staying in and needed to get out so we went over to Matalan in the morning to look at their swimsuits for the boys. I also bought myself a pair of Chinos and tights.
I decided to avoid Jo Jingles with Harry this afternoon as I was becoming increasingly irritated by the lady who runs the class, especially as she talked to Harry in a disrespectful unnecessary way the previous week.
I asked him if he wanted to go to Jo Jingles or to the Zoo, he replyed with "ROAR!" So we had our first trip to the zoo with just the two of us.
I decided to not take his pushchair and to just let him walk wherever he wanted. It was really lovely.

Friday: We watched Labyrinth this morning and then took Charles to preschool. He fell over on the way in and cut his knee but the pre-school let me use their first aid kit.
All three boys had a haircut after Charles had finished pre-school.

Saturday: After a rubbish nights sleep and waking up with a migraine my husband let me go back to sleep for an hour or so.
I got up and he then went off to work.
My mum took the boys in the afternoon so I could have a bath, wash my hair and get some bits sorted for holiday.
Mum came back to ours with the boys and babysat as me and my husband went out with friends we haven't seen for 7 years! It was a really lovely night with amazing food.

Sunday: Today will be full of packing, popping to Matalan to change one of the swimsuits as they clearly expect a 4-5 year olds waist to be triple the size of Charles'! I will also be on the hunt for some black boots as my ones decided to break last week and I desperately need some for our holiday!

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