My Week That Was {13}

Monday: We packed the car up and set off for Butlins, Bognor Regis at around 8.30. We planned to stop at a Little Chef on the way but the three we passed were all boarded up. By 11 we were all hungry and ended up having a burger and chips from Burger King.
Shortly after half past 1 we arrived at Butlins.
That afternoon and evening we explored the complex, had chocolate crepes, watched Billy Bears Storytime, went bowling and went to Papa Johns for a really yummy dinner.

Tuesday: This morning started with a really lovely breakfast at the hotel. On the way to the restaurant we saw a leaflet for Beauleui Car Museum and both got excited. We'd planned to stay on the complex that day but couldn't turn down a day out.
We certainly didn't regret it. It was a fantastic day out which we all enjoyed.
Before dinner we saw Barney, which made Charles very happy and then we went for cocktails.

Wednesday: We'd planned to go to Brighton today so soon after breakfast we hit the road.
We visited the sea life centre and then went for Fish and Chips on the Pier.
We then went back to Butlins and had a few hours fun on the Fairground.
That evening we went back to Papa Johns for dinner and it was even better than the first night. The boys ate lots too which made us particularly happy.
We popped to the shop afterwards and then headed back to our room.
I downloaded a book onto my Kindle and snuggled in bed with the boys to read it.
It was probably my favourite evening of the whole holiday.

Thursday: We spent Thursday on the resort. The morning consisted of another amazing breakfast, then we went on the Fairground, walked to the beach for an explore, watched Bob the Builder on stage and then had lunch with Billy Bear, Elmo popped along too.
We were invited to a panto at Butlins but lunch ran over into 2 o clock so we missed it. Instead we went back to the Fairground and for a drink (Strawberry Daquiri, mmmmm) and went back to the hotel room.
To our surprise both boys fell asleep on the bed for well over an hour so we relaxed with a gin and tonic and got the majority of our items packed and in the car without the boys in the way.
We decided to have a late dinner tonight after eating a big meal at lunchtime so we went to the Tots Disco, which the boys loved, Harry in particular as he danced with one of the Redcoats and wouldn't let go of her hand!
I then sat and watched Barney with Charles, which was absolutely amazing whilst my husband and Harry went for a drink at the bar and listened (danced in Harrys case) to Chris Andre.
Our dinner plans changed and we ended up having to go to one of the two places open past 8 o clock.
We were all pretty tired so rushed our meals and went back to the room.
I had a lovely long soak in the bath before going to sleep.

Friday: Home time.
The journey was easy despite it being Good Friday.
We got home around 3. I put a load of washing on straight away. By 4 o clock Harry was being very sick. He ended up in bed early, although woke at 9.30 and was sick all night.

Saturday: My mum had Charles for the day and Harry slept most of it. I've never seen him so poorly. It was awful.

Sunday: Lazy day with a very poorly Harry still.
My husband worked all day.

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