My Week That Was {9}

I'm so glad this week is over. I feel like it's been a tough, draining, emotional one. Excited at next week because my brother is home for a week!

Monday: Charles was back at preschool this morning after a week off.
I made up a packed lunch and after school we went to the zoo. It was really quiet and we were almost attacked by 2 crazy ducks! When we got home Charles drew a lovely family picture and drew a
picture of our cat, these were for school as the theme for this term is 'me and my family'.

Tuesday: I had to take my piece of poop Blackberry to the Vodafone shop this morning after it decided to stop working for no apparent reason. The boys were really well behaved so we bought 3 iced doughnuts and ate them in the car.
Charles had preschool and once I collected him I went back into town to check on my phone as the Vodafone staff decided to ignore my request for them to ring me around 2 for an update.
Phone had to be sent off meaning I left extremely grumpy.

Wednesday: Clock-watching morning, I dropped Charles at preschool and then went to therapy.

Thursday: Clock watching morning then preschool drop off, home for lunch, Jo Jingles with Harry, drove across town and popped to Next to collect an order then back across town to get Charles from school.

Friday: Bad day. I felt so down and just emotionally drained. Took Charles to school then went home, had lunch and napped on the sofa with Harry for an hour and a bit. Collected Charles from preschool.

Saturday: My mum came round and took me and the boys to Great Yarmouth. I bought some rip off donuts which we ate in the car by the seafront. We walked, Charles scooted, along the seafront and then down to the water.
We then went to Gorleston for chips and burger/sausage and again played on the beach briefly. Then we drove to a little pet shop and I fell in love with a Tortoise.
After having a heavy lunch I was a good girl and asked my husband to get us a salad with antipasti for dinner. It was amazing.

I had a lovely long soak in the bath and was interupted by my mobile ringing. As I got out of the bath it rung again so I answered, it was my brother. He was due to come home today for the week so I assumed he was ringing to update me on his journey. I heard an echo and asked if he was outside my house. He was. Which was a lovely surprise.
He came in for half an hour or so then left.
My husband made my favourite breakfast and then we went to the supermarket to get some bits for lunch and dinner.
We headed for the Caistor Roman Town and had a lovely walk.
We're now home and will be making Fajitas and plan on a snuggly film with my husband after a tough week.


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