My WI Experience: Lucinda

Tomorrow I am due to be attending my first ever WI (Womens Institute) meeting, although at the moment there is a HUGE question mark over this as the snow is awful and I have to drive quite a way to get to the meeting.
I asked some other bloggers, and Twitter followers, to share their experience of the WI.


Today's interview is from Lucinda, who writes at Bakes, Books And My Boys.

How long have you been a member of the WI?
3 years.

What made you join?
I saw a local article and they had just had some events so thought I'd pop past a meeting one evening and see what I thought.

Did you go to the meetings alone or did you know someone who already went?
No I braved it alone. They were all lovely though and very friendly!

What were you expecting from the meetings and from being a member?
I've made friends I perhaps wouldnt have normally. I've discovered a huge range of new things! 

Were your expectations met?
Yeeesssss. I think I might perhaps prefer a more traditional style one....perhaps?

What do you get out of it?
Friendship, fun, new subjects.

What type of activities do you do?
Ring dancing, Different talks, essential oils, rambles, Fish and chip walks.

Do you think there is a stereotype concerning women who are part of the WI?
Yes! Older bored housewives who make jam :)

Do you recommend joining and being part of the WI?

Complete this sentence:
The WI is perfect for....everyone! (unless you are a boy....)

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