My WI Experience: ME!

After my wobble in the car I felt like someone lifted me up and forced me out.

I walked in and I think one of my first words were "I'm so nervous".

It turns out I had nothing to be nervous about.
The ladies running it were so friendly and welcoming.
I even managed to ask someone if I could sit at the table with her! This is completely unlike me.

We had a talk about aromatherapy and had to pair up to do hand massages on each other.
When I heard we had to pair up I panicked, again, I had nothing to panic about.
It was a great way to get involved with people and have conversations.
And the hand massages were amazing.

I didn't want to leave and I didn't want it to end.
Having adult conversation, being introduced as "Lauren" and not "Charles/Harry's mum" was a really nice change.
I really liked the people I was surrounded by and thought, you know what, I'd really like to be friends with these women.

I wrote yesterday about the time I went to a Breastfeeding Cafe with Charles, and how I was sat alone, I didn't feel completely welcome, I didn't feel accepted, and although promising to go back, I had no real plans to.
This is different.
I promised to go back and will be there.
And at the next meeting, I will be signing up as a member. I'm very excited about that.
As I drove there I had the radio on, halfway through my journey KISS played Ellie Goulding.  If anything was going to give me a lift, a push and send me there with a smile on my face it was this! I was so grateful for having a working radio at that point.

I can't say that I won't feel nervous when I go again, or have a wobble in the car on the way there. But I know that I will leave with a smile on my face (and happy tears in my eyes).

To some it might seem like I'm making such a big deal about something so little, but this was HUGE for me.

I did something for myself.
I didn't need my hand to be held after all.

I fought the feelings of anxiety and fear, and of self doubt and I tried it.
I tried it, and loved it.

My only complaint.....is that I have to wait a month until the next one.

It seems totally appropriate to hand over to Rapunzel now. I had this song going round and round in my head as I drove there and I feel it's very apt. Although, the song going round and round could simply be due to watching it two or three times a day! (Charles is obsessed, not me)

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