Perfect Children

My children are perfect.
To me they are.

I'm horribly paranoid when out and about with them. I feel like everyone, EVERYONE, is watching me and judging me.
I try my best not to notice, to ignore and to not care but it hurts.
Really hurts.
So what if my children don't eat all of their dinner when we eat out.
Ok, Charles won't sit still for any amount of time, but I try and keep him there, what else can I do?
Harry will sit with a knife and fork sometimes. Yes, a knife, what an awful parent I am! And although it clearly looks like I'm not aware of what he's doing, I am. I watch from the corner of my eye, I don't have to stare at him and not take my eyes off him.
Yes I'll let Charles walk a meter or 2 away from us, as long as we can see him and he can see us it's ok, depending on where we are.
Children get bored, impatient, fed up, as we do. We are able to take ourselves off to bed if we want, and have control over where we go, children don't get that control, so of course they are going to run around, sit on the floor, and vent their frustration in a different way to us, in fact you see adults doing the same when they get frustrated. We stand and pace the room, because we can, yet we tell children not to. How is that fair?!

Both boys are slightly poorly at the moment and have a bad cough, sometimes resulting in a coughing fit. It surprises me how many people will look at my children in disgust as they struggle to catch their breath and gag as they cough.

In fact, over all I'm pretty annoyed, frustrated and hurt at the amount of people that seem disgusted with my children. How they look down their noses at them.

CHILDREN. That's what they are.
3 years old and 20 months old.
Still learning etiquette and correct behaviour.

How can I parent them properly, and to the best of my ability, and naturally, when I feel pressure from parents who are clearly perfect themselves?

It saddens me that parents don't support other parents enough.
Parenting is all about learning, it's a "journey" (I do dislike that term) and I think there's not one person who gets it completely 100% correct.

I'm certainly not going to restrict my boys from everything. Whilst we learn how to parent them, and bring them up correctly, or in a way we see fit, Charles is currently exploring his independence and seeing how far he can go, and Harry is just exploring, well, everything.

Our children might be awful to some but to us they are perfect, even if they are a handful.

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