So Here I Am

So here I am.
Sat in the car park, outside my first WI meeting.
Some might say I'm waiting in the car, it starts at 7 and it's now 6:50.
Some might say I'm hiding.
I need to unlock my seatbelt.
There. Done.
I look at the building. There are 2 doors.
This panics me. Which door is the one that's open? You can guarantee
I'll get the wrong one.
First impressions will then not be in my favour.

I'm scared, anxious, nervous and I'm waiting.
If someone else turns up then I k now I can Go in now.
I'll know which door to go in.
I won't be the first.
All eyes on the new girl.

It's 7:00.
Why am I doing this?
Am I being brave? 
Am I trying to prove something?
Is this even going to be good for me?
A car! I'm not the only one here now!

More cars!
Next to me.
Now I look silly.
Can I run?
Please let me turn on the car engine and run away.

I can't do this.
I can't do this.
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