50 Strands of Grey {A-Z Challenge}

Saturday the 11th of June 2011 I made a discovery.
My first grey hair.
I say grey. I mean greyS.
I'd just washed my hair and found them whilst drying it. My reaction may have been slightly OTT, although I was 8 months pregnant so I can be forgiven.
Tears and rushing to the supermarket to buy a box of hair dye.

Covering my hair the greys were gone, or hidden at least.
But, in a year and a half they grew and grew and found a nice little home on my centre-parting, and I now sport a wonderful patch of greys there. Hence why I will always be seen with a side-parting now.
Except, they they also decided to dot themselves in various places over my head.

So in between then and now I've gone through dying my hair myself, then getting highlights at the hairdressers and now back to dying it myself.
Not because of the greys, but because my natural dark ash blonde just doesn't suit me.
I kind of learnt to live with the greys.
I pretended I didn't have them for so long, cringed everytime I visited the hairdressers, would pull them out if they were long (and willing) enough.
But then, I thought, so what?!

Am I bothered I have grey hair?
Ok, yes, I'd rather not. But then I'd rather naturally have a hair colour that suited my face so it's not like I can do anything about that other than to dye it every so often.

But why should I be embarrassed about having grey hairs? Or ashamed? Or try to hide them?
It's not like it's something that's happened because of a bad lifestyle choice (excessive drinking, smoking). It's part of my genes.
My family are proof of that.
My nans seem to come from a generation of embracing your grey hair, because there wasn't much to do about it.
But now we seem to have to cover it up as soon as possible.
Don't tell a soul.

But as I picked up a box of hair colour on Friday I decided to ignore the "100% grey coverage guaranteed" label. And picked the colour I wanted.
If it doesn't cover the greys, then so what?
I'll just embrace them.

If it's good enough for Philip Schofield....

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