8 Years and Tulips {A-Z Challenge}

Other than being St Georges Day, today is also our 8 year wedding anniversary.
Of course for the past week I've been playing "this time 8 years ago".
Sunday night I dreamt that we were getting married again, at the same place, and it was 3 weeks before the wedding. We hadn't heard from the venue, I didn't know our guest list and therefore couldn't do the table plan. And I didn't like the venue anymore as they had refurbished (which they have in reality and due to the design now I wouldn't get married there).
I was glad that it was just a dream.

We had done all of the wedding planning whilst living in St Neots, Cambridgeshire. We were getting married in Lowestoft, Suffolk. We would come back at the weekend or I would stay at my mums for a week.
The week before the wedding I stayed at my mums to get everything finalised.
The package we'd chosen meant the hotel would draw an enlarged copy of our table plan, which was a huge piece of flipboard paper with the names written, messy and misspelt, in pencil. And they were also to organise our table centres. I had requested daffodils and tulips and a couple of days before the wedding I was told it would be difficult because the florist had no tulips.
I told them to do what they liked.
Turning up on the day I was disappointed by the cheap table centres we were provided with but they had managed to find some tulips so I had the flowers I wanted at least.

Last year at a carboot sale my mum bought Charles some bulbs for the garden. We all chose daffodils and tulips and yesterday the tulips started to open.
Almost as if they knew what today was and that they'd opened just in time to celebrate with us.

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