An Inspirational Woman {A-Z Challenge}

I've always had a thing for lifestyle programmes such as Location, Location, Location. My husband isn't too keen on it so it's one of the programmes I watch when he's out or the I Sky Plus and watch when he's at work or in bed. Or I indulge in the repeats when Charles is at school.

I'm not sure what it was about Kirstie Allsopp that caught my eye when I first started watching many years ago.
Her accent was probably one of the first things I noticed, and it fascinates me. Living where I do in Suffolk most people are lazy when it comes to the English language. It's embarrassing sometimes.
I also loved seeing the different outfits she would wear and found that I started to buy a certain style of skirt because it looked so comfortable to wear on her.

Then of course there were the craft programmes Kirstie hosted by herself. Well, hooked from the get go.
I soon realised how positive it was to have someone like Kirstie hosting these programmes.
I'm not the biggest fan of the TOWIE type programmes and personally think the people featured in those programmes aren't particularly people I would want to aspire to be like, or in fact want my children to aspire to be like.

I realised a couple of weeks ago that in the past two years my life has changed in particular ways, some small, some big, some personal and some noticeable. And the majority of these all lead back to one person.
Kirstie Allsopp.

I wear more dresses. It might seem like a silly thing to say really but my mum has never been a dress person and has always worn trousers, with the exception of holidays when she will wear dresses. She's not to keen on her legs which is the main reason for her not wearing dresses and although my legs aren't amazing, they're certainly not offensive and therefore I will wear dresses of any length, as long as I feel comfortable.

I craft and have learnt to sew. I've always been creative and at a young age used to sell my own decorated terracotta pots at craft fayres. I guess I hadn't ever really thought about making things for my house so much. Simple things. Things I would normally go to the shop to make, that I can instead make at home.
Christmas is totally different now. Last year I made various different decorations and before I would have gone straight to the Garden Centre to buy something.
I now have a sewing machine!
And tonight have finished making a new baby gift for a friend rather than buying something from the shops.

I joined the WI. Mostly due to promoting it on the country fayre programmes I was really intrigued as to what the WI offered, and what I could get from it.
Before I thought it was just old ladies, sitting around knitting and talking about girl power and burning their bras but I think Kirstie showed a completely different side. The real side. To the WI.

Becoming an adult, and a mum, and not working due to being a housewife I did feel as if I had lost a sense of identity and of what it is to be me but I feel I'm starting to find that now.

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