An Organised Year {A-Z Challenge}

With Charles starting full time school in September *sob weep sob* I want to make sure we make the most of the time we have together. The mornings we have before preschool, the afternoons we have after preschool, our weekends and the luxury of being able to keep the boys up late if we need to.

There are certain places we want to visit as a family. Sandringham for example, revisiting Castle Acre Priory, visits to the North Norfolk Coast, and hopefully exploring Suffolk a lot more.
I want to try and do as much as I can with the boys by myself too. I know I have to challenge myself to do this but it will be worth it I'm sure.
I also hope we can get lots of use out of our zoo season tickets.

June is a super busy month. We have Charles' 4th birthday, a trip to London, a theatre trip for the boys. And then it will be Harry's birthday at the beginning of July.

We have a holiday booked for the end of August which is really exciting, and I can't wait for that.

To make sure we make the most of our time together I'm going to list everywhere we will go as a family, everything I want to do with the boys by myself, so that we don't forget. And if we are ever stuck on a Saturday or Sunday etc we can just look at the list and tick off one of the places or things to do.

Now we just need to hope for nice weather.

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