Beaulieu Car Museum {A-Z Challenge}

I remember that when we were little my brother was car mad. He would get a new Top Gear video every Christmas which we had to sit and watch, over and over and over again when all I really wanted to do was watch Mary Poppins and sing a long with Bert.
He would spent pocket money on Auto Trader and on long journeys would name every.single.car.we.went.past.
At the time it was annoying but now, I think it was terribly sweet.

We would visit car musuems if and when we could and despite not being into cars, I've always had an appreciation for old ones. The beauty of them, rather than the performance.
One place we went to was Beaulieu, at the New Forest. I remember certain things about it so clearly, in particular the Orange car.
So when we went to Butlins last week and saw a leaflet for Beaulieu we knew we had to go that very day.

Since having two boys, and a husband who is interested in cars, I am bound to have to visit such places. But between you and me, I don't mind.
I find cars, bikes, tractors, carts, etc all really interesting to photograph, so essentially Beaulieu was a day out for me as much as it was for my boys.
In fact at one point my husband told me off because I was taking too many photos and holding them back too much.

With a Bond in Motion section as well as a Top Gear exhibition I was in no doubt that I would find this really interesting.
Charles loved going around on the green monorail and I can't lie, I did get rather excited at seeing Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

And even better, I found the Orange car I remembered from years ago.

Beaulieu is a fantastic day out and I wish we lived closer so we could go all the time. Not only is the car museum great but the grounds are too. We didn't get to see a huge amount because it was so cold but hopefully we will visit again soon.
There is also an amazing play area for children. Harry absolutely loved it and both boys cried when we had to leave.

We had lunch whilst there. We usually find food at places like this pretty standard and the typical ready meals BUT the food was amazing. I highly recommend the Salt Baked Jacket Potato.

Charles and my husband needed no encouragement when it came to dressing up and sitting in one of the cars for a photo opportunity. I fear embarressment may have set in when a small crowd gathered.

This is a very small selection of the 264 photos I took whilst there.

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