Dinosaurs {A-Z Challenge}

My boys aren't into football.....yet. My husband isn't very sporty so thankfully we miss out on all that stuff.
For the moment anyway.

We haven't however missed out on cars, planes, trains, rockets, space and possibly my favourite...DINOSAURS!

My husband has always been interested in dinosaurs, and I have too really. So it was probably inevitable that our children would be interested in them too.
They were one of the first animals Harry would recognise and name (Dinas) and make the sound of.

We've visited the local Dinosaur Park a few times, which is always a favourite and will be even better now Harry is older and will understand it a lot more.
And our trip to the History Museum last October was even more exciting due to the amazing Dinosaur Exhibition there.

Christmas for both boys of course involved various Dinosaur related toys and Charles currently has a dinosaur bed cover in his room as well as his framed dinosaur artwork.

When we visited Butlins last week my husband couldn't resist treating his two boys to these two cute and cuddly (?) creatures to add to our collection.


And it would be completely rude not to share this. One of our favourite songs:

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