Homemade Handmade {A-Z Challenge}

There's something quite special about having homemade pieces dotted around your home.
Particularly so when it's made by your children.
In my kitchen I have artwork of Charles', different bits and pieces he has made at pre-school.
I try to keep every single thing he brings home. Even if it just has one tiny swirl on it. Or a painting which is just a piece of paper with red all over it.
I rotate the artwork in the kitchen. At the moment we have handprint sheep, a Christmas picture which I adore (it is covered in blue glitter, 2 of my favourite things) and a picture of a van (not a car, as I first thought and quickly got corrected) I also have a handmade Mothers Day card he brought home from pre-school which has a photo of him in it too.
As well as that I have two of the first pictures he made when he briefly went to a childminder and a picture we made of him and his daddy.

The boys bedrooms feature artwork on the wall which they've both made: the handprint and footprint canvases.
As well as bunting which I made for them.

Harry has a cushion I made, and although it isn't perfect, it was my first attempt and I did it without any help, or guidance at all.
He also has a wreath I made last year using bakers twine, strips of jersey cotton, and ribbon. With additional fabric flowers made from scraps of fabric left over from his bunting.
Charles has two curtain tie backs I made one night in 20 minutes, again with no help or guidance.
I like the idea of sitting down with fabric and experimenting, working out how to make things. After all I know that if I go wrong I can just pop over to Google to find a tutorial somewhere.

I have lots of fabric ready to make various other cushions, tie backs, and other bits and pieces for their bedrooms. As well as fabric to make cushions and bunting for our bedroom, if we ever get round to re-decorating it.

When we went on holiday I paid for Charles to have his photo taken with Barney. Ok, £7 was a little pricey but it was a great momento when he loves Barney so much.
Although the photo came in a mount which could be propped up I wanted to frame it.
I bought a cheap frame for £2.50 from B&M and let Charles loose with some glue, and our wicker craft basket. I had to resist telling him what to do or how to do it although we decided to have a theme of purple and green so all I did was select the green and purple gems, buttons, pom poms and sequins and put them in a pot for him.

The frame now hangs proudly on his wall. It looks amazing, and I'm very proud of it as is he.

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