I Heart.....Joules

There are certain shops I refer to as 'Dangerous Shops.'
Dangerous for your bank balance, because you know that no matter how good to try to be you know that you will end up leaving the store with one or more items.

I recently bought some muck boots and a beautiful notebook from their online store. The notepad was irristable at £3 down from £10 and will be perfect for the note taking I intend to do when I go to BritMums Live.
The muck boots, although looked nice, were a bit too big for me and after a lot of umming and ahhing as to whether or not I could keep them and just wear thick socks with them. But when I regularly wear black tights then I wanted something a little more suitable to wear with those. As well as something a touch more girly.

So today I braved  a solo trip to Southwold with the boys. It's somewhere I always thought I'd need to go with someone else as the paths are small, as are the shops. It's one of those places that you really don't want your child to play up.

But, I braved it and after finding a parking space straight away headed straight to Joules. No messing around.

The staff were really helpful, despite me not having a reciept and being given wrong information from their phone customer care team.

I think it's important to not only share bad service, as I have done on here before, but also good service. And today I left the Joules store with a massive smile on my face and wanting to go back.
I tried on one pair of wellies, yellow around the top with blue and white stripes and liked them, but wasn't too sure if I dared to wear something so bright. And rather than encouraging me to buy a pair I was unsure about, the staff encouraged me to try another pair of my choice.
Rather than taking the boys back through to the changing rooms the staff offered to look after the boys in the main store whilst I quickly tried the wellies on.
And the boys didn't make a fuss, which clearly shows how good the staff were.

I was stuck between the two pairs in the end and again the staff helped me choose, by asking Charles which he preferred. And he made the choice for me. Floral bird print.
Ok, ok, I might have liked them slightly more than the others because they almost match my skirt and notebook.

I then, accidently, ended up buying a lovely scarf too. I'm a sucker for a nice big scarf and the choice was amazing. It was a little more than I would normally pay for a scarf but I feel I've done a few things recently in which I've challenged myself and after having a tough week with Harry being poorly, as well as other things, I deserved a treat.

I can't believe I have only just discovered Joules. It was all thanks to my sister-in-law, as she bought Charles a gorgeous shirt last year for his birthday.
Before this I'd only heard of Joules due to Mostly Yummy Mummy's blog.
We then found the Southwold shop whilst shopping for a new coat for Charles in the winter.

Since then I've also managed to buy a beautiful skirt which was a bargain at £9.95 down from £49.95 in the sale. And it matches my new notebook.

I *might* now be about to purchase the Robot notebook from the website.
At £3, it would be rude not to.


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