Imagination {A-Z Challenge}

I have a reasonably good imagination. From a young age, a very young age, I was writing stories all the time. The first story I ever wrote was about a pregnant queen. I must get my mum to dig it out from the loft because it's an amazing tale.

I'm not very good when it comes to reading certain books though. Harry Potter for example. Anything like that just goes straight over my head, I think because it's not my preferred genre but also because my imagination can't stretch as far as that.
I also struggled with Time Travellers Wife. I couldn't get my head around the jumping between scenes and imagining what the author wanted me to. Although the film made a lot more sense and is amazing.

Since having children my imagination has definitely improved. Probably because it has to.
You can't sit on your sofa breastfeeding a toy car and a dinosaur if your imagination won't let you.
You can hide from the flamingo at the top of the stairs if your imagination won't let you.

We went to the seaside with my mum recently and I was talking about when I used to volunteer in that particular town. I mentioned how I got the bus really early one day, walked along the beach and sat on the sand for an hour or so and then walked to the day care centre I volunteered at.
Charles, of course, was listening to it all. And started his own tale. Although, he was so precise at times that it was almost believable.

He talked about how he drove a bus. And would take people on holiday, they didn't have to pay.
The bus was red. They would go to the zoo and just drive around all day.
He would start driving early in the morning and then would just stop.

Of course he went into a lot more detail but it was amazing listening to him and seeing what he was seeing as he played his story in his head.

I can't wait until he is writing his own stories, and bringing pieces of work back from school for me to read.

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