Lunch at Wetherspoon {Review}

I was recently in a town close to us and saw the pub on the corner being refurbished. I didn't think much of it. It was a great pub, served nice food, so I didn't think much of it. I thought it would be re-opening as the same pub it always was, just with a nice new interior.

Friends had talked about their being a new Wetherspoon in that town, I was curious as to where it was and mentioned to my husband that we should go sometime.
Oddly enough I was then offered some vouchers to review the new menu, so here was a great excuse to visit.
Heading online I realised that the pub I mentioned previously was re-opened as a Wetherspoon! So already we had a positive feeling about it as we knew where we were going, and we knew there would be a lovely atmosphere.

I'd looked at the menu before we went, and was surprised at the amount of food on offer. I knew I would find it hard to pick something because of the variety and managed to narrow it down due to my new rule of trying something different to what I would normally have.
We went at lunchtime after dropping Charles off at preschool. We decided to go for a starter and main.
Looking at the starter menu online I've noticed that it is slightly different to the menu we had in the restaurant.
My husband went for the Wasabi Prawns and I went for the Nachos. I assumed that the nachos would be a small plate as I was asked to specify if I wanted it as starter or main but it was huge! It was slightly embarrassing having this huge plate arrive when my husbands starter plate was so small but thankfully my husband and Harry helped me work my way through them.
My husband loved his Wasabi Prawns, although we did feel the presentation could have been improved slightly with a lettuce leaf or slight greenery. Aside from this he said they were really tasty, hot as expected, and that he liked seeing something on a menu that he hadn't seen elsewhere.

I was really excited about my main. It was featured on the Steak Club Tuesday menu, meaning I could get the Ribs, Chips, Coleslaw and Onion Rings meal along with a drink of my choice (selection of pints, bottles, spirits, 175ml wine glass, soft drinks or hot drinks) for just £8! The ribs meal is £7.99 by itself so technically I got a pint of Diet Pepsi for 1p.
The ribs tasted amazing. Completely amazing. They are coated in a bbq sauce which is strong but not overwhelming. The meat simply fell off the bone. The chips were also really beautiful (especially when dipped in any remaining bbq sauce) and the coleslaw was really fresh, my husband said it was one of the best he had ever tasted.

He ordered the Peri Peri Half Roast Chicken served with chips and coleslaw.
He almost queried the price because of how reasonable it was. £5.99!
Again, no complaints, although it's worth noting that the Peri Peri is served as a sauce on the side rather than a coating on the chicken.

The children's menu was varied and I think would suit even the fussiest of eaters (she says whilst pointing at Harry).
We went for the obvious choice of simple 'chicken nuggets, chips and beans'. You have the choice of mash or chips and peas or beans.
It was quite a big portion but he ate a lot of it!
The children's meals cost £3.99 and include a drink of your choice (there's lots to choose from!) and a grape and apple fruit bag.

All in all we ordered:
Nachos (£5.99)
Wasabi Prawns
Steak Club Tuesday Ribs meal and a pint of diet Pepsi.
Peri Peri half chicken meal.
Pint of Guinness.
Child's meal with drink, and fruit bag

The total was just under £29.
That's amazing isn't it?
Especially as we were so full that we didn't have dinner that night.

The boys also ordered a dessert, I was far too full to order one which is NOT like me!
My husband had chocolate fudge cake and Harry had chocolate brownie chunks and ice cream...which he was supposed to share with me but ate the majority of it whilst I went to the toilet.
The two desserts cost just over £5.

So our whole lunch cost £35.

I was being a secret spy and looked around at other customers and everyone seemed really happy with their meals. When I stood at the bar to order our food every single person around me ordered food too.
It was very popular, in fact when we first arrived we struggled to find a table, which is always a good sign.

With the varied menu we will definitely be back soon, and with one currently being built in our town, I'm sure it will soon be our regular place to lunch!
We were sent Wetherspoon vouchers for the purpose of this review, all words are honest and my own.
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