Memories of Meringue {A-Z Challenge}

When I wrote my prep list for the A-Z challenge I had originally put M as memories, I had a few ideas but that was the one I decided on in the end.
But then, what's better than memories? Meringue.
Ok, it's not but it's close.

I love meringue, although haven't successfully made any yet. Although I will do one day I hope.
On a couple of occassions I've bought just the no fuss meringue shells from a bakery, instead of a cake.
I've never seen any sold in a fancy way. Until I visited Southwold on Wednesday last week.

As I left Joules Charles asked if we could "go and get some food" and as he was such a good boy in the shop I agreed. He asked for chocolate cake and as I wondered whether or not I dare brave the lovely cafe we usually go to I noticed a new bakery.
In the window was some delicious looking cakes. Not a massive selection, but what was there was enough to stop anyone in their tracks.
The boys decided on a Rocky Road slice each and I couldn't resist the fanciest looking, and biggest, meringue I had ever seen.

Hazelnut and Chocolate.
It was so good and so tasty that I already plan to go back and taste the other flavour which I can't quite remember although I know it features Pistachio (my favourite nuts!)

The photos below don't show it in all of it's glory. I'd eaten the majority of it at this point.