My Week That Was {16}

So this week was back to school week. I didn't realise just how much to controls our lives and what we do. For months I've been saying I need to give myself a kick up the bum and actually do something when Charles is at school, or before/after he goes to school yet I still haven't done anything.
I think once the weather has changed and is warmer, as we have experienced this week, I may be encouraged to do more.

Monday: First school run of the week. Whilst Charles was at preschool I took Harry into the garden. I put washing out on the line (Woohoo!) and just watched Harry going up and down the slide. He hates swings but loves slides.
It was quite sweet watching him and every now and then he would ask where Charles was. Especially the first time he went up the slide, he sat down, looked towards our conservatory door and shouted "Charles". He likes Charles to watch him and also likes Charles to go down the slide with him or after him.

Tuesday: Grocery delivery morning and preschool for Charles. I can't really remember the afternoon! Isn't that awful. We found out Charles' school place today which was rather exciting.

Wednesday: Again can't remember anything other than Charles going to preschool. My friend's baby was born today though which was fantastic news! After preschool I drove Charles to the school he'll be going to in September so he could have a look at the outside (and so I knew how to get there) At least I think I did this today, I might have done it yesterday.

Thursday: Preschool again for Charles today. We also arranged a visit for next week to the primary school Charles' will be starting at.

Friday: Playing in the morning and preschool in the afternoon. I'm so tired at the moment that I tried to have a nap with Harry in the afternoon. I slept for around 20 minutes and then was half awake/half asleep. I can't nap when Charles is in school because I always dream that I'm late.

Saturday: I was supposed to be meeting up with my lovely friend Sarah in a nearby town but with another night of waking from Harry, in fact probably the whole week of wakings, plus the fact I don't go to bed until late because I'm waiting up for him to wake, and the fact I was so into the Boston news story, I woke up with a horrid migraine so had to cancel. I was gutted because I really looked forward to seeing Sarah but didn't want to risk driving.
My mum came over at 3 and took me and the boys out to Matalan for some fresh air. She bought Harry some new tops, and Charles a pair of shorts for the summer. I bought myself a lovely Maxi dress.

Sunday: We're off out on a Secret Adventure Surprise today. The boys don't know where we're going which is quite exciting. Charles will be packing an Adventure Pack in the morning including binoculars, juice, paper, pencils, pants, telescope, plasters and his wallet.

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