My Week That Was {17}

This year is going really fast isn't it? Or is it just me?
Week 17 already, and almost the end of April. I can't even remember March ending!
Another tough week for us all again. It almost feels like winter with the diseases we've had the past month, although winter with lovely weather outside!

Monday: We noticed yesterday that one of Charles' eyes was gunky and was swelling even more as the day went on. We knew what it was but didn't feel it was necessary to see the out of hours doctors at that stage and with him waking up with two swollen eyes I phoned the doctors this morning. They prescribed drops so we went to collect those. I kept him home from preschool.

Tuesday: Harry started to get gunky today so we started him on the drops too.
Charles' eyes were slightly better so we continued with the arranged tour around his Primary School.
It was also my wedding anniversary which you can read about here.

Wednesday: Charles' eyes were slightly better but I kept him away from preschool just in case. In the afternoon we went for a walk just to get out of the house which was nice except we were constantly playing "dodge the dog poo" so ended up going home sooner than planned.

Thursday: Charles went to preschool today and it was my turn to have a sore eye.

Friday: My eye was considerably worse. Very red, swollen and sore. My husband took Charles to preschool for me and I collected with sunglasses on, looking silly when it was raining.

Saturday: Both eyes were now very red, very swollen and very sore. I got an appointment with the out of hours doctors and my mum drove me there as my husband had left for work.
The afternoon was spent at home eating cakes, playing in the garden and bathing the boys.

Sunday: My husband is having to work today. Booo. My eyes are less swollen but still sore and itchy. I'm supposed to be going to a WI Birthday Party today but won't be able to and I'm so disappointed.
My mum has come round and is playing in the garden with the boys and I am relaxing on the sofa watching some YouTube videos (I've just become rather obsessed by some vloggers, and wish I had the confidence to do it myself, I'm in awe) and catching up on blogging/commenting on others blogs.


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