My Week That Was {14}

Apologies for the late post and link up. It's been a tough week here, ending in a migraine yesterday and me feeling pretty light headed today and just generally quite down so a quick post from me and then a couple of days laptop free.

Monday: With Harry being really poorly I got him an appointment with the on call doctor. My mum came with us to look after Charles and then we just popped to Tesco to grab some lunch, hair colour and then went to the nearby pharmacy to grab his medication.
We then just made a quick trip to B&M to find a photoframe for Charles' bedroom.
My husband cooked us a roast dinner.

Tuesday: Very poorly Harry still so a day at home for us all.

Wednesday: Very poorly Harry so a day at home again.

Thursday: Harry went back to the doctors this afternoon. He'd got some of his energy back but still wasn't 100%.

Friday: Harry seemed to be feeling a lot better today thankfully. We all popped to B&Q, Maplin and Aldi that evening.

Saturday: Harry had a lot more energy today, and with the weather being so nice we decided to pop to the zoo for a little while. The boys had a lot of fun and it was nice to have some fresh air. I let Harry out of his pushchair for a while but he kept asking to go back in after a short walk so it was clear he was still feeling a bit poorly.

Sunday: We went to my sister in laws for lunch which was lovely. I woke up feeling generally quite down and I had a migraine all day though which resulted in me going to bed early.


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