Questions {A-Z Challenge}

Q is always difficult when it comes to things like this. 
I was going to blog about quotes and show off the various plaques and hearts with quotes on that we have around the house, but instead I want to share some of Charles' questions.
Of course my mind has gone blank but these are a few of his gems that I can remember:

Charles: Can I go to preschool yet?
Me: Not yet. You'll be going after lunch.
Charles: Can I have lunch now??

Why do girls wear tights?

Why do girls wee sitting down? 

Why do babies wear nappies?

When I was in your tummy, where was Harry?

Why isn't it twoty, threety and fivety?

What flavour is my apple?

Can I have some Lemonbolognade please?

When I was a baby I used to drink mummy milk all day long didn't I?

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