Sea Life Centre Brighton {A-Z Challenge} {Review}

When we'd booked our holiday to Bognor Regis I looked into places nearby to visit for the day. I was delighted to see that Brighton was only an hours drive away as it was somewhere I'd always wanted to visit.
Brighton wasn't what I imagined, although I haven't totally given up on it and will try again in the Summer seasons, and the weather was quite cold and very windy so I was glad we had planned to do something indoors.

Brighton Sea Life Centre is the oldest operating aquarium in the world with over 150 marine species and almost 60 displays.
Firstly, we seemed to miss the ramp down to the Sea Life Centre entrance as it isn't clearly signed and ended up walking the pushchair down a lot of steps. The ramp is on the opposite side of the road. There is a slope which goes to the beach from the big wheel, if you walk down there and then along for around 4 or 5 metres you will see the opening on your right.

On first entering the Sea Life Centre I immediately noticed the beautiful old architecture.
e looked around the many displays in the first room. The room is huge so you can spend a while in there. The pushchair access in here is great, although stick to the areas on the outside and don't try to weave in and out of the central displays, you WILL get stuck (I say from experience).
There is a step up to the displays meaning the boys can get up close, some of the fish are clearly "tame" and friendly as they would come over to the glass.

Of course an essential search was required to find Nemo, and we found him indeed, along with a few of his identical twin brothers.

One of our favourite displays was the shark one. Charles has since come home wanting a shark, and I want a giant turtle. Again you can get right up close to the glass, or as Harry preferred you can stand in the glass tunnel and watch the sharks, fish and turtle swim above you.

We did feel the sealife centre was smaller than we had imagined, and it is easy to rush round and be finished within in hour. So I suggest taking your time, revisiting certain displays, and checking out what time talks are on.

The best part of our visit was the touch pool!
I'm a wimp and wouldn't touch anything BUT due to encouragement and being a big brave boy Charles touched an anemone (yes, I only knew what they were called due to Finding Nemo) and then held a crab! For a boy scared of snails (even plastic snails) this is amazing!
He then continued his bravery by touching a starfish.
Obviously it does get busy around the touch pool so patience is required.

The final display we saw was the Octopus. There were around 6 tanks and the interesting thing was that each tank contained a childrens toy, proving that they don't just provide stimulation for children!

Of course there is a gift shop full of wonderful treasure on your way out.

Although we felt it was small, and therefore the price was a little more than we would expect, it is a good attraction to visit with small children.
I always remind myself that entrance fee's to places like this (zoo's, farms etc) go towards the upkeep of the displays and the food for the animals/fish which definitely justifies the cost somewhat.

Superbreak provided tickets for the Sea Life Centre for the purpose of this review. All words and photos are honest and my own.
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