It was our wedding anniversary yesterday. I think that every single year we have had amazing weather, just like we did 8 years ago.
We exchanged cards in the morning and at 10 o clock went for a tour of the school Charles will be going to in September.
We returned home, my mum had been looking after Harry and as she was about to leave there was a knock at the door.
My anniversary flowers were delivered. Charles tried to claim that he had ordered the flowers and they were from him, which was quite sweet.
The day was then pretty normal, Harry slept so I was able to wash my hair whilst Charles kept an eye on him and played with his trains.
Then my husband washed his car, and Charles washed mine, Harry still slept so I was able to dry my hair.
So that I had time to do my make up and get ready for our date night in peace my husband and the boys walked to the shop to get some taxi money. Being the wonderful man he is he returned home with a bottle of Moet.
I had a glass whilst I continued to get ready and by the time I was finished I was already a bit merry.
I heard familiar music downstairs and realised my husband had put on our wedding dvd to show the boys. Charles hasn't been interested before but he loved it, as did Harry.
Charles said "Mummy, you have a crown on!"
Knowing where my tiara was I put it on.
"Mummy! You are a Princess"
Oh, his reaction was amazing.

We then went off to a local steak and fish restaurant. The view was amazing. We were looking out at lots of boats, picking which ones we wanted to buy. I went for the smallest one. Called Serenity. My husband went for a larger one called Bubbles, but stated that he would rename it.
The meal was amazing.
I had King Prawns, Chorizo, Calamari in a chilli sauce. Lobster Thermodore. Dark chocolate and pistachio brownie. My husband had the same, apart from the starter as he had Scollop's.
We also shared a cheese and biscuit plate.
All washed down with a bottle of Rose Prossecco.

We got home and Charles was awake and whilst my husband went to bed early because he wasn't feeling well, I had a playfight with Charles and he asked me about my evening.

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