When A Flowergirl Grows {Flashback Friday}

We went shopping in Asda yesterday evening to pick up supplies for our picnic today.
I noticed a girl in a pretty dress, and noticed her wedge heels. Well, I noticed Charles look at her and thought it was quite sweet. The girl was, I thought, around 9 or 10. I didn't pay too much attention to her and just got on with our shopping.
Then I heard my name called out.
Lauren isn't a totally uncommon name so I tend to not react but I looked up, mainly because I for some reason thought that maybe the girl I previously noticed was called Lauren.
I then realised, she was looking at me. She said my name again and then said hello.
It felt like I stared at her for at least an hour. I had no idea who she was.
I don't know any girls that age. My friends don't have children that age, or sister that age. I was baffled.
Then it hit me. Well, I thought I knew who she was but then convinced myself it wasn't her because the last time I saw her, almost 4 years ago, when Charles was a newborn, she couldn't really remember me and our history together.

I said to my husband, I think that's 'H'. So I walked over to her, she was only 2 metres away I must add, and said 'You are 'H' aren't you?'
To which she replied 'yes'.
I couldn't believe it.
This girl was my little flowergirl at my wedding 8 years ago.
She is my mums ex-boyfriends daughter. They got together around the same time she was born (her parents had split up) and I remember, so clearly, the first day I met her as a newborn, I was only 16.
She seemed to fragile. So new. So beautiful.
I hadn't been around babies before and she fascinated me. 
Watching her grow up and turn from a newborn into a toddler, and then into a preschooler was amazing.
Sometimes things were hard because she didn't want me to play with her toys, or play with her so she would tell me to go away or similar.
But then other times were lovely. She wanted me around, we'd play, we'd have tickle fights. And I'll never forget the time she asked her daddy if I could stay over.
My mum would stay at his every weekend so it wasn't a problem.
I remember watching her fall asleep. I just stared at her.
She couldn't say my name and just called me 'Lulu'. When I reminded her of that 4 years ago she laughed and simply said "What? Like a toilet?!"

I was going through a tough time then with my parents divorce and us having to move house but she seemed to take my mind off everything.

When I got engaged I knew she would be my flowergirl. I say flowergirl, she was just a little bridesmaid but flowergirl seems to be the socially accepted word. So we'll go with that.
Her dress was beautiful. I wanted it for myself!
My mum made a dress to match mine and 'H's for a barbie doll and she carried it down the aisle. She looked so beautiful in her dress. I was so proud of her.

After our wedding breakfast I shocked guests by letting 'H' sit on the train of my dress as I ran through the restaurant pulling her along. Thank goodness she was a tiny little thing and my dress didn't rip.
I remember so clearly dancing with her at my wedding reception. Her finally shouting up at me 'I love your dwess'.

My mum and her now ex split up that night. They'd stayed together just so she could be my flowergirl.

I saw her a couple of times after but the last time was when Charles was a month or so old, as my mum remained friends with her ex.

I was so amazed and surprised that she recognised me. As was she.
I couldn't believe the young girl she now is. 11 years old, 12 this year (my guess was close).
Friendly, confident and talkative.
But still as beautiful as she was before.

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