Wow Moments {A-Z Challenge}

When you look back on your life its good to look at the positives, right?
At only 27 I feel like I've had a pretty good life. Ok, it's had its struggles but whose life hasn't?!

At 17 I met a wonderful man
At 18 he proposed to me
At 18 we moved in together, which also resulted in me moving to a completely different county
At 18 he surprised me with a birthday trip to Disneyland Paris

At 19 we got married
At 19 we visited Disneyland, Paris again, for our honeymoon
At 21 my husband took me to Disneyland Paris again
At 21 we got our first mortgage together and moved back "home"
At 23 we went on an amazing cruise together
At 23 I fell pregnant and gave birth to my first beautiful baby boy
At 25 I fell pregnant and gave birth to my second beautiful baby boy

Then at 27 I've had an amazing few months.
I had to fight to get the kind of therapy I needed. After a year of feeling unimportant and like I was just a number I sent off a very long email and got a very quick response, and then within a month had my first assessment with my new therapist.
A day or two after this appointment I was interviewed Live on Sky News.
And then, in March, being super brave and going to my first WI meeting.

I seem to be throwing myself into these things that I normally wouldn't do, or would think twice about doing. And it's really quite exciting. And it makes me feel proud.

We constantly say to Charles that he can do anything he wants to do.
And I think as adults we forget that. We have so much control over our lives and sometimes we put the barriers up way too high.
And more often than not we say we CAN'T do something, when we CAN.
The truth is, that we just don't WANT to do it.

It surprised me how many people said, when I mentioned the Sky News interview and the WI Meeting

I couldn't do that.

In some cases it's true but I think in most cases the phrase is wrong, we can all do these things. Every single person has the ability to do them. It's just whether or not you want to do it, need to do it or simply can be bothered to do it.
It shouldn't be I couldn't do that and should be

I wouldn't do that.

I thought I couldn't do those things, my WOW moments. And pushing myself and doing them has made me realise I am capable of a lot more than I realise.
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