Zzzzzzz {A-Z Challenge}

Totally, completely and utterly predictable I know but I haven't had time to go to the zoo and take photos of Zebras as per my original plan.

Today is the final day of April, meaning it's the final day of the A-Z Challenge!
I'm glad I succeeded again this year as I did last year. I almost forgot about it this year, and only remembered when I saw a prompt about it via Twitter, therefore I didn't have time to do a few scheduled posts to ease the load.
However, it does mean I have blogged everyday, sometimes more than once, for a whole month. Which is something to be proud of in a way. Sticking to a project like this and actually getting to the end is pretty hard. Having to come up with words or topics to fit particular letters can be really difficult. I know I've struggled with a few this year.

I'm looking forward to redirecting my blog onto a steady path and having it be what I want it to be.
One of the hardest things about the A-Z Challenge for me was that along the way I've had ideas for other posts, I have a couple of reviews to do, and will soon be starting a series of posts for my BritMums Sponsors, Medela, and I've had to keep all of these posts in my head and in draft so I don't lose them in amongst the A-Z posts.

I've learnt a few things. A couple of which I'll be writing about in separate posts but one of the things is that it's no fun to write for the sake of writing.
It loses the excitement of pressing publish on a post you really love, and you really want to write and that you haven't rushed just so you hit a deadline.
I did have a blog project planned for May but I think I will now leave it until June so I have plenty of time to prepare the posts and make sure everything is how I want it to be.

I can't believe how exhausting it is writing a post everyday, probably because it was more of a chore than a passion.

So, although I'm glad I took part in the challenge, I'm also glad it's now over.

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