A Mummy and Son Afternoon Date

Since having Harry I very rarely get quality time with Charles. My husband works Saturday afternoons and then Sundays are our family days so there is no time really for us to do something. Just the two of us.
My mum works half days, every other Saturday, and this week I feel this overwhelming need to just be with Charles. Luckily it was her full day off so we planned for her to look after Harry whilst we did something special.
I had an idea for a photoshoot I'd like to do with him and that was our plan for today, except it was too windy to do what I wanted to do so we've postponed that for next week (hopefully).
We also planned to go to the cinema but it's quite expensive when you add up my ticket, his ticket and then a popcorn treat (I want him to have the full cinema experience) so I want to save that plan until there's something we really want to watch, rather than picking something at random that we might not like.

So, we instead went for a simple plan of taking him for a haircut and then going out for cake.
It was nice to be able to concentrate all of my attention on him at the Barbers, rather than having to stand holding onto Harry whilst I try and make sure Charles is looking straight/looking down/looking up etc.
We've never been for lunch or for a treat together in a cafe before so it was really lovely just to sit there, at a table, together and talk.
For most of it I just stared at him.

I was delighted to finally discover lots of bluebells and took the opportunity to take some photos of him sitting and standing near them. Although that was suddenly cut short due to the appearance of a bee.

There is a Maritime Museum in the park we visited and although I tend to avoid talk of bombs, and guns (Charles doesn't know what a gun is which I am very proud of) I did briefly talk to him about
the bombs and rockets we saw within the park.

Charles chose a massive slice of 'death by chocolate' cake, hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows and I went for Eton Mess and a Tradtional Lemonade.
I was shocked that he managed to eat all of the cake!

For being a good boy he was given 10p to put in the Postman Pat Charity Box. The box has been there since I was a little girl so it's very special.

After we left the cafe we had a little walk amoungst the bluebells and Charles spoke to Harry on the phone for the first time. It was a very cute moment.

We only had two hours together but it was really wonderful just spending time together. And I can't wait to do it again.

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