A New Way of Relaxing

I'm sure I'm not the only mummy out there who finds it hard to relax in the evening. I'm always on edge waiting for a boy/the boys to wake up needing milk, water, hot chocolate, a cuddle, medicine and so on.
I tend to crash out on the sofa once dinner has been served and *bad wife alert* I tend to not move for the remainder of the evening.
My husband goes to bed around 10-10.30 and I then go to bed anytime between 11 and 2! I'll either be watching YouTube videos, reading blogs, writing blog posts, stalking people on Twitter, "window shopping", lusting over certain London hotels, watching tv, etc.

My husband is pretty obsessed with Aldi. I think if he could go there everyday he would. For a while he's been desperately trying to spend over £30. I know that sounds odd, but we kept buying a trolley full of items and would only spend around £20. He discovered their red wine which is now his favourite and we tend to buy beer from there too, as it's cheap but really nice.
In the summer we buy their own Sangria and serve it in a jug with additional frozen berries. It's amazing.
Last week I spotted bottles of Mojito for £3.99. The last time I can recall having a Mojito was in 2008 on our cruise. It was the first one I'd ever had and they had put too much salt around the top so I was put off.
But at this price I thought it would be worth a try.
My husband then grabbed a second bottle and some fresh mint. If you're going to do cocktails, you must do them properly!

Well, it was absolutely delicious. And even nicer the longer the mint is left in.

I may not be able to completely relax in the evenings but this certainly helped a little bit.

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