B is for Bento

Ever since our last Bento Box Charles has been begging me everyday for another 'garden lunch'. Even asking my mum if she could make him some ants, benches and apricot border.
We really enjoyed our garden theme and also the alphabet. I thought going through the alphabet will be an easy way to teach Charles which foods begin with each letter.
This time of course our letter was 'B'.
I need to buy some boxes to put the food in really. This pink one (yes, pink for a boy!) is just the bottom of a cheese grater tub but it was perfect to arrange his feast in.
I also found some mini weaning pots which I haven't seen for well over a year! These were perfect to place the biscuits and fruit in and will come in handy in the future I'm sure.

Once again Charles really enjoyed it and ate everything. I love how I can feel confident that he's going to preschool with a full tummy and he's getting a variety of foods rather than just a simple sandwich. He also takes his time with it and doesn't rush his food like usual.

We can't wait for C.

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