Home Ground Coffee {Review}

I remember the first time I tasted "proper coffee". It was around 10 years ago at a small cafe on the corner, opposite the Abbey at Glastonbury.
We were visiting our family in Somerset and had gone to Glastonbury for the day with my aunty.
I was trying to be all grown up and ordered a coffee along with my mum and aunty, instead of a fizzy drink.
Well, I remember that first taste very clearly. I wasn't a fan. I didn't really drink coffee at all anyway so it was a bit silly to order one in the first place.

I then became a tea drinker and would only drink coffee if it was one of my own Frappacinos or if it was after a meal out/at my in laws.

Then I became pregnant with Harry and tea did not like me. Or more to the point, I didn't like tea. And I switched to coffee.
Oh sweet dear coffee.
Since then we have been best friends.
I rely on him (her? Depends on the strength) a lot and he's always there for me.

Last year I accidently bought coffee beans instead of my usual instant. Rather than throw them away we made use of my Pestle and Mortar and bought a (cheap but does the job) cafietire.
Oh the smell that fills your nose as you smash and crunch those coffee beans is just divine.
We don't use coffee beans all the time but more as a special treat really.
Home Ground Coffee Ltd is a family-run coffee roasters based in Cardross in the West Coast of Scotland. We offer specially selected single-origin coffees and carefully balanced blends, freshly roasted to order by Alastair, our master roaster. 
Our Coffees: 
Traceability, sustainability and a fair deal for farmers are what we are all about. 
We only choose coffees that are traceable, which means we know where they came from and can be confident that the farmers who grow the beans receive a fair price, the farming methods used are sustainable and the coffee is top quality. 
We are always happy to answer any questions about a particular coffee or our ethics in general. Our range of coffees regularly changes as we select only the very best coffees seasonally.
We were sent two packs of beans from Home Ground Coffee Ltd.
The packaging had a real rustic organic feel and look to it.
The packs are available in a selection of sizes:
, , , .
We were sent the El Salvador SHG Las Lajas, whole beans.

Medium strength, full-bodied and nutty with chocolate and caramel notes.
100% Arabica, Fairly traded
and Ethiopia Yiragacheffe Homa Co-Operative, whole beans. 
Chocolaty flavour with some sweet blackberry fruit notes and wine like acidity.
100% arabica, fairly traded
Both of these are available in the following ways:
They were easy to grind, and tasted as fresh as they smelt. 
Both of the flavours were strong but not overwhelming. Obviously we could control how strong the coffee was by leaving it to brew longer if required. Trying to pick a favourite was hard because we really liked them both.
We look forward to trying new flavours and think these would look perfect in the hampers we are hoping to make for Christmas.

Disclaimer: We were sent 2 packs of coffee beans for the purpose of this review.
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