Made Up

When it comes to make up I'm a total girly girl. I love it. My make up "drawer/bag" is actually a 4 drawer wicker storage thing full of everything with additional bits and bobs around the house.
I used to be able to wear the bright Barry M eyeshadows. I'd paint my eyes all sorts of colours, even mixing my own shades. But now I'm happy with just mascara on, lots of mascara I might add.
I've kind of lost my way with it all.
Since having children my face shape has changed considerably because I've let myself go. I think my rounder face can't quite take the bright colours.
Yet I don't know what colours I can now use or how to wear them.

Today I had a photoshoot for a women's section of a newspaper.
The photoshoot was at my house and the newspaper said they would be sending a make up artist. Well, I panicked as I have never ever had my make up done for me.
I was the only one to turn it down at my sister in laws wedding, instead opting to do my own. And also did my own at my wedding.
So today was a first for me.
On Saturday evening though the make up artist phoned me to introduce herself, to give me her website address and to lead me to her Facebook account. We talked about my skin, what I wear now, what kind of make up I like etc.
My nerves eased especially with the promise that she would take care of me and make sure I enjoyed it.

Monday morning I wake with butterflies though. Although I have no problem with my personal space being 'invaded' as it were, I'm not so keen on someone prodding my face. More for the fact that I don't want them to be thinking "wow she has chubby cheeks" "wow look at those bags" "jeez this is one massive face" or indeed judging the quality of my skin.
It's odd to wake up, put on your nice clothes, do your hair but then not stick on some mascara at least.

Despite not wanting to have that moment of pampering I really enjoyed it.
It was odd not knowing what exactly was going onto my face and not being able to see each step as it happened.
One minute I was looking in the mirror to a bare face and then once the transformation was complete I'm looking at a face with a layer of MAC foundation, beautiful rosy cheeks, lips lined and painted in a colour I wouldn't ever think would suit me, shimmery natural eyes with a lot less mascara than I normally layer on (who knew that eyes don't have to have a border of thick mascara to look nice?!) all coming together to create a look I was really impressed with. Something I wouldn't normally do myself because:
1-I didn't know it suited me
2- I wouldn't have known where to start.

It was simply wonderful to have a little fuss over me and to try something new.
In addition to this, the make up artist Paula was really lovely and made me feel really comfortable and confident.
I'm actually looking forward to having an occasion where I could call on her again.

Stepping out of my comfort zone here is me before make up and below after make up.

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