Marshmallow Pops

Mmmmm mmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmm.
Ok, so we might not be throwing Charles a birthday party but we will have having his aunty and uncle over the Sunday before and then my mum the Saturday after, therefore I have a fantastic excuse to play with yummy nibbles.
I found these on the internet and thought they would look fab and taste rather lovely. Added to the fact they are easy and cheap to make.
They are too easy for me to need to tell you how to make them but I can at least give some tips to help you on your way.

Step one: Put the marshmallow on the end of a skewer.
Step two: Dip the marshmallow into some melted chocolate. My tip here is to dip and twist the marhmallow into the chocolate to guarantee more coverage. Obviously you can dip as much of the marshmallow as you like. I just wanted the top dipped on the majority of mine.
Step three: Dip the marshmallow + chocolate into the sprinkles. Again, dip and twist for maximum coverage. I tend to then leave the marshmallow in the bowl for around 5 minutes so it begins to set. This also means the chocolate is less likely to run and the sprinkles fall everywhere.
Step four: Transfer onto a plastic chopping board or into a plastic tub to set.
Step five: Place in a cup/vase/jar and serve

You can use any sprinkles you like. I also used chunks of apples too.
We will be making these with white chocolate for Charles' birthday celebrations too.

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